Monday, 28 June 2010

animated pop #2 - The Milli Vanilli scandal

Anyone else remember when Milli Vanilli, everyone's favorite Germanic lip-syncers appeared on the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon? Yeah, that happened. The Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon was a pretty poor show but this episode is perhaps best because it's got such a wafer thin storyline bolstering one big "hey look who we've got on the Mario Bros 3. show kids... Millia fuckin' Vanilli". How cool right? Well, 2 weeks after this show first went on screens there was the big Milli Vanilli lip-sync scandal and so the episode was edited to remove all Milli Vanilli's music, instead replacing it with a really bad instrumental but of rock-muzak. They didn't edit the animation so they still move their lips to nothing though... how fitting.

Apart from that this episode is just funny because they say Milli Vanilli a lot and their accents are pretty hilarious! I don't know if that's their real voices or some actors doing the worst novelty Germany accents ever... watch the whole 'I'll turn you into accountants' bit in video 2. It's gold.

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