Monday, 21 June 2010

Donal Duck and WW2 propaganda


There were a lot of propaganda cartoons made in World War Two and they are really strange to see now as they are so out and out racist that you can't quite believe that these are house hold name, family cartoon characters sparing with some very broadly drawn stereotypes.

This is perhaps one of the strangest: Donald Duck living in Nazi Germany. Obviously he hates it and the end of the story is so flag waving and American it's funny, but obviously these kinds of cartoons were made for propaganda. It's just unlike anything you will ever see now or in recent times.

Short version... this shit's just fuckin' strange to see!

Side note:
Reading the comments to this on youtube really does show the shocking level of ignorance of the people who leave comments on there. Horrible people with horrible brains... or lack of.

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  1. Apparently old Donny D. fought on a few different sides in the war. Here's a link to check out him shilling for Condoms in the Austrailian Army.

    "Be sly: VD is high."