Monday, 12 July 2010

Sesame Celebrity Highlight #1

No, they may not be cartoons, but I'm letting puppets in on this blog because a) they fit under my umbrella of curiosity and nostalgia and b) Sesame Street has had some pretty unbelievable guest stars. So here's my first 'Sesame Celebrity Highlight': JOHNNY 'Freaking' CASH! That's right, a former amphetamine addict who records albums in prisons about people killing their wives while loaded on cocaine is singing with puppets on an early morning, educational kids show.
It's exactly as sweet as it sounds!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ren & Stimpy go adult and it sucks

So if you grew up around the same time as me you may well have watched Ren & Stimpy and thought it was bad ass stuff. Very twisted and random but still lots of funny stuff and intense and grotesque animation. Yeah? It was good right?
Now check this out:

That's a shock to the senses.
Is this a good idea?
No it's not.

In 2003, long after the original Nickelodeon series, the Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon series was made for Spike TV in America, with a strong adult male centric slant. Ren & Stimpy was always a pretty adult show due to it's edgy nature but it walked the line of being acceptable enough to go on the air on a kids channel before the watershed. That's what made it cool. Ren & Stimpy doing having thinly veiled gay sex, grabbing boobs on the beach, eating spit and vomit and secretly getting girls to touch their junk in a washroom are just not funny or fun to watch. By stepping over the line into out and out adult cartoon land it loses all the impact of the original cartoons. Tellingly, Billy West, the original voice actor for Stimpy didn't sign on for this series because he thought it sucked and would harm his career. BAM!

If you want proof of the badness this episode has a lot of gross eating of bodily fluids (really gross!), bad gay jokes and has someone tell the two to 'fuck off':

This episode is called Naked Beach Frenzy... guess what happens. This video seems to be very badly chopped up and seems to be missing a lot of stuff but I think you get the idea. There's also an intro by creator John Kricfalusi... he seems like a douche:

This episode is the only on the feature Billy West's voice as it was made for the original Ren & Stimpy series but was left out for being too violent. The violence is pretty full on but it's head and shoulders better then everything else I've seen of this adult series... probably because there are no cock jocks.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Simple pleasures

This has just gotta cheer you up right?

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mormons but were too affraid to ask

Must be watched... it contains:

- Talk of endless celestial sex by gods on made up planets.
- A shockingly racist explanation of why we have different races.
- The Mormon god having sex with the virgin Mary so Jesus can have a body on earth.
- Mormon Jesus having 3 wives and loads of kids.
- Jesus teleporting to America to preach to Native Americans... who then seem to have a war with centurions or something.

It's bat-shit crazy!

Tiny Toons get freakin' wasted man

Banned 'toon number 2

This is a pretty odd one; an episode from Tiny Toons (basically Warned Bros kidz) that was supposedly banned because the characters drink a beer, get wasted, chase tail, steal a cop car and die! Heavy stuff. It also shows that cartoons that try to be educational or have a message really do lack in the jokes department as a result of the ham fisted preaching. They even point it out themselves with the final punchline in the show.

Give it a watch... even though I think it was banned I still get a bit of deja vu watching it. Either because I saw this when it first aired or because this is EXACTLY what it's like when I go drinking.

Drinkings not cool kids.
(you can't embed this video which is annoying... check the link)