Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The George Lucas / The Police axis of evil

So everyone hates Sting right, that's pretty much a given.

And as for George Lucas, well, even if you are a massive, massive Star Wars fan boy you surely must have given up on this no neck, charmless, knitted jumper of a man at some point during his decades of raping his own legacy. I have no beef with the original Wars films but after the whole prequel thing I'm not sure if I want to go back to all that. Plus I work in a shop that sells loads of novelty Star Wars t-shirts and see people pointing and laughing at pictures of Chewbacca all the time, and that's a bit of a drain.

But anyways, I do remember the Droids and Ewoks 'toons being pretty good spin offs, back in the days before everything had to be digitally enhanced and big George decided he didn't like amazing big ass puppets any more.

But then there is something unsavory going on in Droids that I never noticed as a youngster... watch the intro, doesn't that sound just like Sting singing "I've got no weapons in my hand / just these brains designed by man".


But wait, no... seems it's not Sting, everyone's fantasy punching bag, it's the Polices drummer (who's name I can't be bothered to find out). He wrote and sang the song, and for a guy who supposedly hated Sting so much he:
- arranged all his cymbals on stage to block out all view of the Stinger
- had a picture if Stings face on his snare so he could bash the shit out of it to some cod-reggae-pop-rock during their gigs.
(please note, i have a feeling only one of these is true and the other applies to another drummer in a band who hated his singer... maybe it was The Jam. I hate them too so whatever)

Anyway, for a guy who hated Sting so much, he sure as hell sounds a lot like him. Dudes got issues. Get help.

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  1. The drummer's name was Stuart Copeland, and he's actually cool as fuck. He's done some bad-ass film scores man.