Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tiny Toons get freakin' wasted man

Banned 'toon number 2

This is a pretty odd one; an episode from Tiny Toons (basically Warned Bros kidz) that was supposedly banned because the characters drink a beer, get wasted, chase tail, steal a cop car and die! Heavy stuff. It also shows that cartoons that try to be educational or have a message really do lack in the jokes department as a result of the ham fisted preaching. They even point it out themselves with the final punchline in the show.

Give it a watch... even though I think it was banned I still get a bit of deja vu watching it. Either because I saw this when it first aired or because this is EXACTLY what it's like when I go drinking.

Drinkings not cool kids.
(you can't embed this video which is annoying... check the link)

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