Monday, 21 June 2010

Not enough cartoons...

When I was little I went to see a play, well pantomime, but when I was asked what I thought I said "Hmph, not enough cartoons". I don't really remember saying this, I've been told that was my response, but it don't doubt it for a second. Cartoons have always been magic and that doesn't wear off. Example of which, this Popeye cartoon. As a wee lad I had an old VHS of 3 Popeye cartoons from the 1930's that had been watched so much that the tracking on it was completely gone and took longer than any other video we owned to tune in, but when it was it was total joy. I've re-discovered these episodes again and they are still amazing and now I'm older and have watched a lot of cartoons you notice how great the animation and voice acting is. The guy who voiced Popeye is so good in these old episodes; always rapid fire talking under his breath without any animation, which they fazed out in the later cartoons. This old school of animation is so detailed and fluid and nothing else looks like that. Watching something from the 80s like He-Man and the animation is lazy and re-used continually, where as nearly every motion of this is so fluid and unique. If cartoons still looked like this I would freak out!

Anyway, this is a 30s Popeye episode I only found today but it totally has all the qualities of what I love about the stuff on that VHS I was watching as a kid.


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