Wednesday, 22 December 2010

He-Man and She-Ra in the campest Christmas special ever!

Oh this one is a winner! You could say that this is possibly the campest Christmas specail ever made, but that would be wrong, because saying 'possibly' means that maybe something else out there could be camper than this, and that just ain't gonna happen. Watching He-Man now everything seems very tongue in cheek, and all the bad guys are the most whiney villains ever created, but this special turns it all the way up to 11. It has a big cast of characters from He-Man and She-Ra and also includes a bunch of new robot characters that look like crappy transformers, and my favourite, the imaginatively titles 'Beast Monster'. Worst monster name ever. We also see Skeletor realise the meaning of Christmas and cuddles a puppy. Oh, and She-Ra's girl hoarse with the big butch voice is pretty fun too. Good stuff.

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