Monday, 13 December 2010

Disney Christmas Carol

There are probably a billion versions of A Christmas Carol out there... or 2 billion, perhaps. One of the first I saw was the Disney version, and I'm not talking about that Jim Carrey one that looked all horrid a CGI:

I know Scrooge is meant to be all evil and old but that really does make me feel unwell.

NO! I'm talking about the Disney cartoon that had Scrooce McDuck playing Scrooge (inspired casting), and had Mickey and pals filling the other rolls, as well as character from Pinochio, Wind In The Willows and other Disney movies popping up too. It's a solid version. It's a bit short but it gets all the key plot points in there and this version has probably the best Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come in any version I've seen. For the most part this is a kiddie friendly telling of the story (for one thing you don't get Scrooge talking about people being buried with holly stabbed in their heart for liking Christmas), but the bit where Pete is the final ghost, laughing while Scrooge falls into his own grave while a flaming coffin tries to eat him is some DARK STUFF! Amazing though.

The one fault here is how short it is. Everything is present and correct in the story but nothing is really explored in enough depth. I'd have like a bit more of Scrooge beingn a total dick to everyone, more of the sadnes of his past and the Tiny Tim story, and a more of his redemption at the end... actually now I think of it, the one big thing missing from this version is the bit where Scrooge shouts out to the young lad on the street who says "Why today, Sir? Today is Christmas day." That should have been in there! Inspite of that, you should still watch this, it's a little bit of festive Disney magic. Think of it as the prototype for the Muppet Christmas Carol which is hands down my favourite version of this story.

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