Sunday, 10 October 2010

Rock Reflections of a Superhero

I feel bad for Spider-Man these days. He's the first superhero I got into and has always been my favourite but it seems like he's not as cool as he used to be, and that doesn't make sense 'cause the man is bad ass! I've not been reading the comics for a long time but from what I gather some very dodgy stuff happened with the Civil War story where he revealed his identity, Aunt May got shot and then he made some magic deal to go back in time and un-do it, but it meant he never married Mary-Jane. Sounds messy and kinda lame. There's also been the films, which have been entretaining but that last one really dropeed the ball. How do you have some many villains and yet have them do nothing? Why the hell did you have Peter Parker go emo and do that fucking dance routine? It's also the film where Toby Mguire being a total pussy and banging on about 'great power... great responsiblity' reached saturation point. What the hell Sam Rami? Let's hope for good things with the reboot.

A lot of wrong has also been done to Spider-Man musically speaking. Not only was there that dance, but there was the soundtracks. The main song from film one was by Chad 'please punch me' Kroger from Knickleback. It's pure American growling man soft rock filth and the rest of the soundtracks don't get much better: Corey Taylor, Maroon 5, Hoobastank, Wolf Mother, Snow Patrol, Jet... I mean this is really bad. The thing about this that irks me is that this is the sort of music that they think represents Spider-Man. When I think of Spidey, American radio-man-rock does not spring to mind... but then I'd love a Spider-Man film sound tracked by Japanther but I know that's not gonna happen. Peter Parker never drove around in a jeep blasting out the Kings Of Leon damn it!

But this isn't the end of the Spidey-M.O.R. shit rock collision. No, the Spider-Man Broadway musical is coming soon and all the music has been written by FUCKING BONO AND THE EDGE from bloody U2! Why, why, why, why, why! I mean look at this man:

But wait! There's an actually decent piece of Spider-Man related music out there in the form of an album called 'Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of a Superhero' released in in the 70s. The songs are all about the origins of Spider-Man, how he deals with his double life and the death of Gwen Stacey. It's full of glam-rock, prog synth wig outs and acid folk... it's pretty trippy, rather camp, full of odd lyrics and totally fun! It walks the line of serious and completely over the top perfectly. Definitely the only album you want to listen to that has a picture of Spider-Man's face on it... and the back cover is pretty incredible. Check out that backing band! Listen to the Doctor Octopus track, It's hot!

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