Wednesday, 27 October 2010


After my last WRASSELING themed posted I've spent an alarming amount of time watching The Macho Man Randy Savage's coke fueled promos on youtube, like this, this, this and this. That's some top quality entertainment right there! So you could say that Macho-Mania is running wild with me right now, and after checking out Hulk Hogan's entry into the cartoon world it seems only right that we have a little peak at the works of Mr. Randall Mario Poffo aka The Macho Man. OOOOH YEEEEAAAAAAH!

The first thing to set him apart from the Hulkster is that Savage does his own voice over work. While he may not have a cartoon that bares his name and likeness like Hogan, he has contributed his unmistakable vocal style to a number of cartoons and some of the results are pretty great.

Here Randy provides the voice to Rasslor, the most powerful being in the universe in an episode of Dexter's Lab spin off Dial M For Monkey. Dexter's Lab was a great show so it's good to see Randy appear in a quality 'toon. They make you wait for the obligatory 'OH YEEEEAH' but if you wait you will be rewarded.

I give it 7.5/10 on the Macho-Mania Scale

We also have Randy popping up as a drill instructor with a girls name in Duck Dodgers. This isn't such a good show and it uses guest stars and celebrity references quite strangely, because what kid is gonna know who Randy Savage and former Tonight Show host Ed McMahon are? You get the feeling there are too many nods to the older viewer without it being adult or edgy enough to really work. But Macho Man is in it so it's worth a look.

I give it 5/10 on the Macho-Mania Scale

Lastly we have Randy on Space Ghost: Coast To Coast as Space Ghosts crazy grandpa and this one takes the cake. The show is one of the Adultswim shows that went out late on Cartoon network and re-used existing Hanna-Barbara characters and twisted them into completely random satires. So in this Space Ghosts is out of the crime fighting game and is a chat show host (also see Harvey Birdman for similar greatness). This episode is great because the show is already so off the wall that Randy's character fits in perfectly. There's OH YEEAAAHS galore and he even picks a fight with Rob Zombie and interviews the girl from Hanging With Mr. Cooper! Watch it and enjoy the madness.

Space Ghost - Piledriver

Rob "Louisiana" | Myspace Video

I give it 10/10 on the Macho-Mania Scale

So there you go, that should hopefully put any Macho-Mania you have at ease. The big man has also appeared in an episode of King Of The Hill, the Nickelodeon show The X's and in the film Bolt but unfortunately I've not been able to find any clips of those.
So 'till next time...

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