Thursday, 21 April 2011

Game Boy Remix Singles

Ok, still not very on it with posting, but here is something great. Back when I was a youngster and the Game Boy came out I was so stoked for that shit, it was the first game console I ever had. The wonderful about the 80s and 90s wasn't just the amazing games, cartoons and action figures, but also all the other random stuff that was turned out as shameless tie ins to make money. Nothing sums this up better that these singles that were released on cassett and vinyl which remixed the themes from Tetris and Super Mario Land on the Game Boy into the most 90s sounding dance you have ever heard!

Listen and learn... FYI, I had both of these singles.

Year and years later Mario got remixed again in the Dance Dance Revolution Mario spin off, which I have to say I spent a LOT of time playing... that was a good summer.

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