Monday, 17 January 2011

"I'm Super Cereal" : Pop Culture For Breakfast

America loves it's cereal. They have whole supermarket aisles like this dedicated to the stuff:

That's a lot of cereal to choose from. We don't have the same sort of choice over here in the UK and a lot of our breakfast nosh looks pretty tame, like this:

In America their cereal bowls look like there's rave going off in there:

The thing is, this stuff doesn't just sell itself on it's own day-glow, sugar high, and possibly life shortening merritts, oh no, it needs a big happy mascot to grab your attention and make you pick their brand over the thousands of other breakfast treats out there.

These mascots are pretty fun aren't they, but at the end of the day they're just dudes on the front of a box. If you're a big time cereal pedelar you want to get some big name on the front of your box to draw the kids in, and by golly that's just what they do. The amount of breakfast cartoon/pop-culture/movie tie-in's out there is pretty jaw dropping. Remember Saturday morning TV from when you were a kid? Well in America you can pour milk over it and eat the damn thing as part of a nutritious breakfast! Let's take a look shall we?

Flintstones Cereal:

Fruity Pebbels are a very long running cereal, still going strong long after they've stopped making The Flintstones. There's a lot of ads for it. I never understood why people in cereal adverts had to steal other people cereal. It's just cereal guy, it's not that expensive! Buy some! There's no need for these capers.

Yogi Bear Cereal

Bugs Bunny Cereal:

Disney Cereal:

Mud and Bugs cereal? Yum.

Rugrats Cereal:

Snoopy Cereal:

Pokemon Cereal:

Gremlins Cereal:

They just stoll the tune to the Oompal Loompa song from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory for the song. Outrage!

Mr T Cereal:

This song is so over the top it's awesome. Sounds like a South Park song... and Mr T says it's cool so who am I to judge.

Pac-Man Cereal:

This second ad is where the 80s was perfected.

Nintendo Cereal:

Donkey Kong Cereal:

You could win a Donkey Kong aracde machine as a prize! That has to be the best cereal prize ever!

Sonic Cereal:

Ghostbusters Cereal:

It's the first cereal box to glow in the dark... why would you need that unless you eat at 5 in the morning and don't have any lights?

Also, it seems from these ads that the perfect breakfast is day glow cereal, toast and juice.

Ninja Turtles Cereal:

I can't understand a thing anyone says in this advert.
Transformers Cereal:

Adam's Family Cereal:

Star Wars Cereal:

I couldn't quite beleive that C2P0's were real. I thought it was just a clever pun, as there have been quite a few spoof Star Wars cereals (like this and this), but it was real. I do wish this was real too:

Spider-Man Cereal:

Is it just me or is it pretty gross that Spider-Man is shooting milk out of his wrists? The Marvel fan boys will not be happy!

Batman Cereal:

Bill and Ted Cereal:

Garfield Cereal:

Scooby Doo Cereal:

Smurf Cereal:

Powerpuff Girl Cereal:

Popeye Cereal:

Ben 10 Cereal:

Nickelodeon Cereal:

This looks so gross.
Spongebob Cereal:

Tom and Jerry Cereal:

WWF Cereal:

E.T. Cereal:

It's flying giant cereal. Subtle.

Indiana Jones Cereal:

By now I can't quite beleive how many of these cereals there are...

Pirates Of The Caribbean Cereal:

Argh, my brain is melting!
Too... much... cereal...

Simpsons Cereal:

Barbie Cereal:

G.I. Joe Cereal:

Monopoly Cereal:

MONOPOLY CEREAL!!!! They honestly made Monopoly cereal.
That's it.
I'm done.
I don't even really like cereal damn it!


  1. I don't know why you don't have any comments on this amazing and disturbing post. Thanks for taking us along with our broken pancreases on a trip down memory lane!

  2. MONOPOLY CEREAL? Why have I never eaten that!?

  3. This is awesome, good post. I really really like hakuna matata. This is very nostalgic, thank you. Nowadays, cereals are very generic and they're not as creative as in the past plus they taste bad. Cheers.